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Huayou Cobalt's Arcadia Lithium Mine in Zimbabwe Begins Trial Production!

  • 2023-03-26

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Recently, all production lines of the Huayou Cobalt's Arcadia lithium mine project have completed equipment installation and commissioning, and trial production has commenced, successfully producing the first batch of products.


In the atmosphere of blazing round light and rising smoky windthe "lifeline"which has taken over 300 days and nights with the efforts of nearly 3,000 project members, is orderly operating in full swing. On the scorching production line, the ore that has been crushed three times and sieved twice continues to undergo coarse and fine selection in the heavy medium screening workshop, the medium is removed, and the entire process from crude ore to rough concentrate and from rough concentrate to concentrate is completed, which marks the success of the production line that has processed 4.5 million tons of ore after more than nine months of struggle.

The Arcadia lithium mine project is Huayou Cobalt's largest single investment project in Africa, which was approved in February 2022 and began construction on May 16. After multiple tests, all project participants are striving for excellence,advancement and quality improvement, and have welcomed this milestone achievement of the project's full production!


The Arcadia lithium mine project is an important strategic project of Huayou during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and a critical strategic move for the company to build an integrated industrial chain for new energy Li-ion battery materials. It is significant for ensuring Huayou's future lithium resource supply. The successful construction and trial production of the project meet Huayou's strategic planning expectations and mark a milestone in its lithium resource development process. If the project achieves full production in the future, it will help to further improve Huayou's comprehensive competitive strength and provide important support for its high-quality development.